Secret Shopping

Customized solutions for secret shopping.

Why Conduct Secret Shopping?

The quality of service provided by enrollment staff to prospective and returning students influences enrollment outcomes. Higher Ed Strategies, LLC offers a service to the higher education community that provides institutional leadership a tool to both evaluate and monitor the quality of service provided to students so as to improve outcomes.

We offer four levels of Secret Shopping Services:

1. Remote Secret Shopping

Customer service is evaluated remotely by completing phone calls, email contacts and online inquiries available from the institution's admissions application and website.

2. Admissions Process Secret Shopping

Customer service, response time and outreach of admissions and financial aid departments are evaluated through a secret shopping process that involves both in person and online evaluations of the institution's admissions experience. The level of testing varies depending on the institution's need.

3. Comprehensive Secret Shopping

Customer service is evaluated across multiple departments related to the enrollment of new and returning students. An initial secret shop is conducted to establish benchmarks of performance followed up with a second secret shop 6 to 12 months later. Departments most commonly tested include, admissions, financial aid, bursar, registrar, and academic advising.

4. Customized Secret Shopping

This service can be highly customized to meet a specific institutional need and often includes testing of one department or one institutional process or student experience.

Why use our services?

Our secret shoppers are trained to collect data and conduct evaluations of products and services according to specific research protocols within the higher education market.

We consider all forms of service delivery including print and online media and the “in person” experience. This third - party unbiased perspective on the quality of service provided to students and parents helps colleges and universities develop student - centered customer service approaches by:

  • Identifying gaps between institutional customer service expectations and reality.
  • Identifying opportunities for operating efficiencies by testing policies and procedures and how they affect the student and parent experience.
  • Improving enrollment management operations by identifying delivery system chokepoints and areas for improvement.
  • Improving enrollment and retention through better service delivery.
  • Coordinating services across departments. Type your paragraph here.Type your paragraph here.

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