Change Management

Customized solutions for change management.

Change Cultivation

Change cultivation is critical when an institution or organization have staff reluctant to make changes critical to mission effectiveness and success.

Our change management services can help influence sustainable change at a faster pace when resistance from staff is evident to change.

Through a series of meetings, coaching sessions and workshops, we work with staff reluctant to make changes to their practice and move them to a position of understanding the importance of change.

Human Resource Gap Assessment

This service is designed to help executive leadership assess how well the organizational structure and human resources of the enrollment management function, or of a specific department within that function (i.e. admissions, financial aid, bursar, registrar), supports the institution’s mission and strategic goals.

This assessment is valuable to intuitions considering a reorganization of all or part of the enrollment management function and helps determine if the organization has the right positions, the right number of positions and right people in those positions.

The assessment is achieved through an analysis of organizational structure, position descriptions and responsibilities, enrollment management strategies and plan, policies and procedures, use of technology, communications plans, work flows and a comprehensive staff assessment. The outcomes of this assessment can provide supporting evidence prior to implementing a reorganization or restructure. HES can also assist with designing and implementing a reorganization or restructure plan.

Staff Assessments

Staff assessments include an evaluation of position descriptions and responsibilities , and the fit of incumbents with their positions within a given organizational structure.

This type of assessment is helpful in evaluating the talent needs of a department and can help support any changes to be made to organizational structure of a division or department.

We take an appreciate approach to staff assessments so that outcomes are supportive of change.

Restructure and Realignment Assistance

Restructuring or realigning a division or department can be difficult for any organization.

This service helps an institution evaluate and implement a restructure plan by:

  • Providing an external view point of the restructure in order to "set the stage" for change.
  • Validating the rationale for the restructure.
  • Help express the change to stakeholders and those impacted.
  • Establish an appreciative view of the change.
  • Strategize on downsizing and termination options.

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